Our company is a global organization, with two headquarters for our various products offered to consumers everywhere. We make it our goal to not define our customers by borders, but rather one global family. No matter where you live in the world, our online service allows customers to find the latest trends and designs that suit their taste and we aim to increase our presence to every continent.


Haakeng Corporation Limited, London, UK

Haakeng Corporation Limited was founded in January 2016 in London. Since its inception, we have worked to create a formidable organization that will bring jobs and opportunity to the nation, and our clothing line is working to do just that.


Haakeng Co, USA

Haakeng Co is our US based headquarters serving North & South America, as well as the Pacific regions. Haakeng Co has its own internal branding which includes Haakeng & Co and Kohala Surfing Company, both lines which are set to roll out in early 2017.


Future Locations

We are working to develop new locations to serve our customers and work to make products more locally where we operate. One of our key objectives is to work with independent manufacturers which are more local to our locations, which creates a sustainable economy in those areas which we serve.